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Alabama Course of Study: Science
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Welcome to Alabama Citizens for Science Education

"Supporting strong science education in Alabama"

Alabama Course of Study: Science (ACOSS) third and final public comment period is Thursday, February 10, 2005. For details, go here.

Alabama Citizens for Science Education is a not-for-profit organization which supports the teaching of quality science education in Alabama.

Our membership consists of scientists, educators, parents and other Alabamians who are concerned about the myriad of impediments to quality science education in Alabama public schools. These threats include:

  • inadequate funding
  • public misunderstanding
  • sectarian coercion
  • difficulty keeping up with technological advances
  • parental apathy
  • political manipulation


To promote the best possible science education in Alabama public schools.


  1. Ensure that Alabama's public school curriculum, textbooks and statewide tests represent the state of the art in science education.
  2. Inform and empower students, parents, educators and other concerned citizens to participate effectively in administrative, legislative and regulatory processes to improve science education in Alabama.
  3. Inform and educate the public about the benefits of science and the need for high quality science education in an increasingly competitive global job market.
  4. Promote adequate funding for science education in Alabama.
  5. Oppose the introduction into the public school science classroom any material with a sectarian basis, such as creationism, "creation science", "intelligent design" or astrology.
  6. Oppose all efforts to prevent public school science teachers from teaching any essential principle of science which is relevant to the course being taught.
  7. Serve as a resource of information, advocacy, and assistance for educators, students, schools, public officials, communities, administrators and news media on issues related to science education.

Last updated: 2004/04/05

Alabama Citizens for Science Education
P.O. Box 36561
Birmingham, AL 35236